Product No. 125-330
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  • Complete measuring functions, it can be able to save or load the measured result for further analysis.
  • Provides full functions of geometric tolerance analysis.
  • Performs the measurement directly with Real-time image display on monitor.
  • It can analysing position of point, line, circle, arc and plane on the deviation graph.
  • Powerful automatic edge scan with anti-burr function makes the measurement easy and accurately.
  • The measured result can sending to Excel directly for further edit.
  • Support AutoCAD DXF file, it is excellent accessory for reverse engineer.
Basic Geometric Measuring Functions
  • Point, Line, Plane,Circle, Sphere,Cylinder,Cone,and input the coordinate direct from keyboard,all those components can performing the multi-point measurement,and print out the measuring result.
Computing function of the size
  • X,Y-axis coordinate of point (center)
  • Z-axis coordinate.
  • Distances of Pt-Pt, CI-CI, Ln-Ln.
  • Diameter & radius of circle & arc.
  • X, Y-axis coordinate deviation of 2 points .
  • Z-axis coordinate deviation of 2 points.
  • Center, shortest, and longest distance of 2 elements.
  • Angle.
  • Parallel, Square ness, Para circle, Roundness, Tolerance,...
Environment function
  • Free to switch unit: mm, inch.
  • Allow to set reference plane
  • Decimal: 2-6.
  • Angle: 10 unit or 60 unit.
  • Able to transfer to any coordinate--MCS,WCS
Provides Automatic Edge Detection Tool

It is not only recognizing in high contrast image, but the weak edges can also be detected.

Line Tool
Frame Tool
Circle Tool
Arc Tool
Provides Multi-line, Multi-arc And Multi-circle Tool To Improve Measurement In Oversize Image Of Line, Circle, Arc...

Intelligent Function To Recognize Line, Circle, Arc Automatically
Real-time Graph Plotting And Perform the measurement directly

Plotted Graph Can Save To DXF, IGES File Format
Provides Reference Plane Setting

It will be very easy to measure the slope size.

Powerful Anti-burr Technology
  1. Performs the Anti-burr fast and correct.
  2. Avoid covered image area.
  3. Available to handle broken lines.
  4. Weak edges also can be detected.
Deviation Analysis

Clearly and quickly displays the multi-point deviation graph.

Provides Smart Navigation

Quick Navigation Function, reminds users of moving direction and auto- generates measuring tools. Except moving, everything is automatically.

Print out Measurement Report Or Convert To WINQC File For SPC Analysis.