Product Name:IMGLINE
IMGLINE needs only a CCD to form Cross line without any cross-line producer. The color and position of the cross line is adjustable. It is basic vision measuring software.
Product Name:WINMODEL
WINMODEL is high quality checking system with easy-plot function for graph comparison with blueprint. It also provides various statistical diagrams to increase the performance of quality control.
Product Name:3D VIEWER
VIEWER 3D is the essential software for reverse engineer that provides continues plot function, which plots directly with machine’s measurement. It is easy to use and high accuracy 3D graph display in real time.
Product Name:AIRPIPE
AIRPIPE provides diagram of curves of any data getting from measuring machine. E.g. time versus pressure graph, length versus time graph…and so on.
Product Name:EXLINK
EXLINE can prevent a lot of measurement value mistake by means of export the result to EXCEL directly. It is nice assistant that increases work quality and cost avoidance.
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