Product Name:WINQC
WINQC is high performance SPC analyzing software, connectable with any measuring machine to performs statistic, analyze and makes formal report for data. It also provides statistical diagram layout.
Product Name:3D SCAN
3D SCAN is essential software to cooperate with KCMM-PLUS becoming excellent solution to for reverse engineer. It can compute out all the need values easy and fast.
Product Name:K25D-IMG
K25D-IMG provides convenient and user-friendly usage to perform the measurement with coordinate plot in real-time. It is easy to modify directly on the plotted graph and export to EXCEL for further editing.
Product Name:KCMM
KCMM provides graphic interface to increase the efficiency and prevent miscellaneous work, it is easy to perform the measurement without any complex commands.
Product Name:IMG-PLUS
IMG-PLUS provides various functions i.e. auto-focus, auto-edge detection and navigation to increases the measurement precision. It cooperates with KCMM-PLUS makes the coordinate measuring software visional.
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